We believe in developing the whole child by meeting their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs so that they can learn and grow every day. However, children develop differently at different ages, which is why we offer child care programs designed for certain age groups.


The infant program at Creative World Children’s Learning Center was created to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for our youngest children. Our classrooms are staffed with caring and energetic teachers who will communicate with parents on a daily basis to ensure your child’s continuous growth during their earliest stages of development.Our infant rooms are designed to deliver a warm, safe and caring environment for your infant. The rooms are bright and sunny with large windows that provide a lot of natural light for exploration by our babies. There are numerous toys which teachers will introduce to stimulate your child’s growth along with reading stories & singing songs to foster language acquisition. Teachers are trained to encourage developing motor skills by playing games and repeating processes through movement and exploration.Most beneficial, our staff work with you to develop your child’s individual schedule which includes nap times, feeding routines as well as play times. This will ensure for a greater balance between home and when your child is at school.


With boundless energy, toddlers are always ready to explore. During this age we see children gaining and asserting independence through milestones whether it be first steps, first words, potty training or exploration. Our program is designed to challenge their newly gained confidence through stimulating and consistent routines.Our toddler rooms provide daily programs that contain developmentally and appropriately stimulating activities in the areas of cognitive, language, motor skills and social skills. During the use of several instruments – music, stories, games, sensory and art, toddlers learn to participate, develop self-help skills and to begin to understand the concept of sharing.The teaching staff are trained to deliver daily instructions to promote social skills via classroom activities through predictable routines and a safe environment.


Creative World provides large preschool classrooms that are bright with plenty of sunlight, new computers with Internet access, microwave & refrigerator accessible, telephone intercom system, etc. That is how we describe our preschool class, but all that doesn’t come close to describe all that goes on in the rooms on a daily basis.
Our staff incorporate theme lessons/materials and child engagement to foster an environment of learning. In our learning centers children develop self confidence through socializing and practice making choices with teacher guidance. We also encourage early language, literacy activities, math concepts, problem solving and positive social interactions. Through art we develop creativity, music we promote rhythm and movement and our Creative Crunches program promotes physical fitness..
Their days are enriched with all the right activities they require in preparation for Kindergarten..


 ​​At Creative World Children’s Learning Center your child will learn many skills required of them to enter the public school system. For social skills they will learn to negotiate and problem solve. In the emotional area children will learn to make personal choices, share ideas and feelings. For physical we will continue to work on large muscle development through riding bikes and throwing balls. Intellectually, we will challenge children to understand a sequence of events and the concept of time.Our pre-kindergarten children will be taught school readiness through starting ideas in written and spoken forms of language. Children begin to write in writing journals and repetitive work in letter and number writing.Children have access to computers in class to work towards the next level of technology.


​​Our program at Creative World tailors activities to create a solid academic foundation for your children before they enter the elementary school years. Emphasis is placed on literacy, letters, speech, phonic, stories and listening as well as social interactions, math, science and art.Handwriting is continued from last years pre-kindergarten class as children continue to build on the basic letter forming process and the connection to pre-reading readiness.Our exceptional kindergarten teachers will prepare the children for the next level of learning and a smooth transition to public kindergarten or first grade.