6 weeks to 15 months

The infant program at Creative World Children’s Learning Center was created to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for our youngest children. Our classrooms are staffed with caring and energetic teachers who will communicate with parents on a daily basis to ensure your child’s continuous growth during their earliest stages of development.Our infant rooms are designed to deliver a warm, safe and caring environment for your infant. The rooms are bright and sunny with large windows that provide a lot of natural light for exploration by our babies. There are numerous toys which teachers will introduce to stimulate your child’s growth along with reading stories & singing songs to foster language acquisition. Teachers are trained to encourage developing motor skills by playing games and repeating processes through movement and exploration.Most beneficial, our staff work with you to develop your child’s individual schedule which includes nap times, feeding routines as well as play times. This will ensure for a greater balance between home and when your child is at school.