Women and men of any race, color, creed or occupation. All are welcome.

  • A group dedicated to community improvement and personal development.

  • A stimulus to community spirit.

  • A group that will readily accept the challenge of difficult community projects.

  • World’s largest service organization… over 1.4 million members.

  • International scope–members in 180 countries.

  • Recognized as an organization, which develops community leaders as an organization, which develops community leaders through constructive action.

The Lions are not:

  • A Chamber of Commerce (although they may work together).

  • A political organization.

  • Restricted on types of projects, nor required to conduct specific ones.

  • An eat, meet, and go home club.

  • A business group, a fraternity, or special interest group for any selfish motive.

What do you get from being a Lion?

  • Association with people in your community.

  • New friends and social contacts.

  • Activities throughout the year.

  • Leadership development through active participation in projects of your choice.

  • The opportunity to improve your community.

  • Knowledge of public affairs and community problems.

  • A chance to be a leader in your community.

  • Informal management programs, teaching you how to successfully work with others, to accomplish any project.

  • Practical knowledge of parliamentary procedure, budgets, and public relations.

  • Self satisfaction – the greatest reward of all.